Outside Looking In

Inaugural exhibit February – April 2020

Outside Looking In is a series of large format photographs taken by Alexandra Ross in 2019. Over a two week period the artist documented empty arenas against the backdrop of a prairie winter. Eerily beautiful in their sparseness, these structures hold a unique place in small towns.

Documented while deserted, the artist sought to capture the strange interaction of presence and absence in these spaces. Notably, it is the absence of snow, the recently ploughed parking lot which alludes to their strong communal presence.

Looking from the outside of the building, there is an irresistible need to project experience into it. For some small town arenas hold the quintessential Canadian experience of hockey, community events, and childhood memories. For others, these buildings may stand as the site of social isolation and absence of shared interests.

In the end, these arenas are just buildings; it is the community that brings them to life.

Alexandra Ross

Large format photographs
8 x 10 in.

Installation places and dates

Mitchell Arena……. February 21st-March 1st

Red Wing Diner…….March 1st-13th

New B’s Cafe………..March 13th-20th

Niverville Arena…….Cancelled due to Covid

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